Life Doesn’t Have to be Chaos Just Because You Have Kids

Here you’ll find time tested solutions from a mother of 5 to help you build a foundation of love, establish healthy boundaries, and create habits and routines to help your home run smoothly.

Enjoy Being a Mom

Enjoy Being a Mom

Raise Strong Kids

Raise Strong Kids

Raise Strong Kids

Run a Low Stress Home​

15 Minute Projects

In just 15 minutes a night (while you’re in your pj’s!) take your home from stressed out to organized with these 101+ 15 minute projects. Join 110,000+ other moms and get your life in order!

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How to Get the Diaper Smell Out of the House

If you’ve got one or two kids (or more) in diapers then you know how important it is to keep the diaper smell out of the house! Here’s a few tips:

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6 Easy and Effortless Tips for Organization with Kids

Wondering how you can keep a tidy house with kids? Here are some sensible way to have organization with kids.

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clusterfeeding a newborn, clusterfeed newborn baby

The Dream Feed: The Why, The How, & When To Stop

Wondering how to do a dream feed? This post will tell you exactly when to do dreamfeeds, how to make sure baby stays awake, and when to wean them.

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5 Calm Responses for When Your Child Digs Their Heels In

Power struggles are all too common in homes. Mothers are weary, kids are acting defiant, and it can be an all around stressful time. This post gives 5 calm responses.

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First Steps…


Step 1

Step 1: Pick a Printable

Don’t let an easy to fix problem take up any more brain space! Get your printable pack today and learn quick solutions and strategies to help take back peace and order in your home and mind.

Step 2

Step 2: Take Action

Download and print out your pack. Set aside some quiet time to go through it then use the strategies given to fix that situation that’s causing you stress.

Step 3

Step 3: Share Your Story

Send me a story of how your printable made a difference in your home and in the life of your family!

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From baby sleep advice to daily routines, learn what makes for a happy peaceful baby



We’ll help you create realistic boundaries, learn consequence that work, and how to handle temper tantrums like a pro

Preschool and Up

Preschooler and Up

With our help, craft a strong family culture that encourages strong character, hard work, and loving ties

Ultimate Week-By-Week Newborn Sleep Guide

Want a calm and peaceful little one who “sleeps like a baby?” Here are my best weekly tips to help you enjoy your baby and your life in those early weeks.

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Hi mama, Rachel Norman here.

I believe you can run a low-stress home without feeling out of control and stressed. That’s why I teach solutions and strategies for all things #momlife that are threatening the peace.

You don’t have to be exhausted, stressed, and running around like a chicken with its head cut off every day. Seriously… you don’t.

As a mom of 5, I understand what it’s like for lots of small problems to take over, leaving you overwhelmed. Every month, I help hundreds of thousands of moms, just like you, find breakthroughs with my simple solutions that address parenting and home struggles.

I Know I am Not Alone

“You’ve been a great help to me, as a new rural mum life can get lonely and frustrating without interaction with other mamas and just reading through your posts I feel a great sense of relief and connection. I know now I’m not alone. Thank you, again.”

-Hayley Bruce-Gordon

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