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Dear Exhausted Mama

You want your kids to grow up in a solid environment with lots of nurture. To play nice with others. To listen to you and look to you for guidance and encouragement. To have a bright future and a content present. I know this, dear mom friend, because… I am just like you.

With 5 kids ages 6, 5, 3,2, and 1 - Hi, I’m Rachel Norman, creator of the AT HOME Village and I am right where you are.

After only 9 months of marriage… we got pregnant. It didn’t fit “the plan.” To educate myself, I read everything I could get my hands on and talked to older, wiser mothers with experience. Even after adding four more children to the fold, our family continues to thrive.

The AT HOME Village is a guidance-centered community for moms. Moms who want to learn and grow and be the best moms they can be for their family. Not perfect. Not guilt-ridden. Not burnt out. But… Present. Happy. Fulfilled.

Join me on this journey of faith and parenting as we grow as women, mothers, homemakers, and maybe even friends.

I know you.

In the At Home Community you will have...

Encouragement for the Trenches. Answers To Your Issues Or concerns.

Well Researched Strategies Delivered Monthly Via Courses or Live Talks

Journaling, Organizing, and Troubleshooting Printables

Access to Other Godly Mothers In A Wise And Loving Community

Managing big emotions

Practical wisdom for daily rhythms

Discipline strategies that work

Friendship and accountability

Techniques for creating a family culture

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Wisdom for the Titus 2 woman

as we raise children in the way they should go.

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