Weekend Walkabout

Walkabout (syn) stroll, perambulation. Let’s walkabout, shall we?

I’ve been on a recent kick to fill my house with flowers and plants. Real and artificial! To be honest, mostly artificial. Flowers here are expensive to buy and so about once a week or two I buy some fresh ones for the table. Oh, and I have a big real house plant in my “sitting room” but other than that, I am displaying some artificial greenery around and about. Don’t judge. I am in a season of making life easier for myself while still appealing to my aesthetic senses. Here are some good garden and flower related finds. Of the alive and pretend alive variety.

(1) How to keep fresh flowers fresh longer. Going to be implementing these tips so my once a week flowers last me two. Here’s hoping!

(2) In places like bookshelves or TV cabinets – as in semi-far from the eye – artificial flowers or plants can still bring a pop of green freshness but you don’t have to worry about killing them. I have a few of these potted plants from Ikea.

(3) Link to a great Vegetable Gardener’s Handbook for those of you who want a 12 month type calendar that tells you when the best times to prepare, plant and harvest are. There’s also room to make notes like a journal type of thing!

(4) An article on how to decorate beautifully with just flowers and glass bottles or vases. No need to get fancy for it to be beautiful.

(5) A natural weed killer with vinegar and a few household items. Along the side of our house is weed heaven and I am sick to death of pulling them out for a few hours every month. Or, more accurately, not pulling them out for an hour or two every month and avoiding looking in that direction.

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