Weekend Walkabout

Walkabout (syn) stroll, perambulation. Let’s walkabout, shall we?

I try not to spend too much of my free time (since I only have about 6 hours of it per week) online getting bogged down by comparison. But, at the end of the day, I still love my pinterest boards! I use them for recipes, sewing inspiration, nursery photos and everything else that you probably use it for too! Here are some of my recent favorite pins!

(1) DIY maternity skirts. They’re out of knit which means that half the time, you don’t even have to hem! Quick, easy and a good way to get your style. I find it difficult to get maternity clothes that seem like “me” as the rest of my wardrobe does. There’s something about growing very large and wearing clothes that aren’t your style that really makes the frump factor go up. I think this will help.

(2) Printable Family Travel Maps.  If your family likes to travel this is a nice way to personalize a map. And it’s cute enough to hang up as decoration too. You can use yarn, string, stickers or sewing pins to highlight your destinations and I think it’s good on teaching some geography in there as well.

(3) DIY glitter rain boots. Great way to spruce up some Wal-Mart or dollar store rain boots that will make them unique and one of a kind. And it’s super easy (always my criteria for a craft).

(4) DIY Quote Napkins. These would be fun for gifts. They did Downton Abbey quotes and my personal favorite is from the Dowager Countess. “Don’t be a defeatist, dear, it’s terribly middle class.

(5) DIY tie dye sheets. I’m sure that tie dye is out… but I don’t really ever know what’s out or in and that’s what helps me be content with what I have. I think these would be so cool in a child’s room and as a craft activity together!

Have a great weekend!

A Mother Far from Home

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