Weekend Walkabout

Walkabout (syn) stroll, perambulation. Let’s walkabout, shall we?

My daughter turned 2 this week and my son turns 1 next month (yes, they are only 13 months apart and no it wasn’t an accident) so I’ve got parties and celebrations on the brain!

(1) What little girl or boy wouldn’t love to have a Secret Agent party? It’s a lot older than my children but I think the possibilities of fun are endless.

(2) I like party decoration and food to be big easy obvious and make an impact. I say if you can do one thing big it saves you from doing 20 things small, and I’ve heard you have to overdo a theme before anyone will even pick up on it. Doing something large helps prevent your theme from getting lost. I’ve used these awesome Zig Zag Streamers made out of colored paper and they are fabulous. 20 sheets of colored paper and ten minutes of cutting later you have a huge accent wall or picture backdrop.

(3) Oh Happy Day (my total favorite party blog because it’s cute and high impact but very simple and affordable) has a post on everything in her Party Planner Party Closet. You could spend $50 and have enough supplies to decorate parties for years….. Well, depending on how many parties you throw.

(4) Making easy and cheap Super Cute Table Runners with butcher paper and paint pens or craft paint.

(5) Paper Ribbon Garland that just requires cutting out some shapes and being able to sew a straight line. I’ve done a few of these (with material instead of paper) for my daughter’s room and it was so easy but with huge effect!

Have a Festive Weekend!

A Mother Far from Home

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