40+ Printable Daily Routine Cards for Kids!

Tired of reminding your kids to complete simple basic tasks throughout the day? 

Here's your solution!

Help your child gain independence in basic routines throughout the day and free yourself from power struggles, yelling and constant reminding.

Inside the Daily Routine Cards, You'll Get:

Morning Routine Cards
Bedtime Routine Cards
Mealtime Routine Cards
Playtime Routine Cards
Chores Routine Cards

Inspirational Quotes

Fourteen printable 8.5 x 11 inch pages for you to print using your home printer. In addition to a cover sheet, the following pages are included:

Easy Step by Step Guide for Use:

 1 - Download your digital PDF file from your email.

2 - Print the routine cards using your home printer on regular paper or cardstock.

3 - Cut out the cards, laminate if desired. (I use this inexpensive laminator and paper)

4 - Arrange and use the cards in anyway you want! You can hang them on your child's wall, put them on the refrigerator, or keep them loose to help give your kid's instructions as necessary. 

Routine Card Reviews

These printed out beautifully. Exactly as pictured. I can’t believe how much my 3 year old loves them. She is already started to remember the pictures and doing the next step of her routine without reminders! I would absolutely buy an expansion pack with more chores for when she gets older if you ever make one! -- Diane

I've just started using your routine cards with my 3 year old as well and she loves it! She is flourishing with the routines, yay!!! -- Megan

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